Thursday, September 28, 2017

A Little Poetry

I have not posted anything on here for several months now. I thought I might use it to occasionally air some poetry. Like most of my writing, this doesn't come easily to me, so don't expect me to churn the poems out.

Here's one I prepared earlier 😀


Spring’s Demise 

There is, in the breaking of an arm,
In the breaking of an arm of a small boy,
A small boy who falls to the ground laughing,
Laughing until the sound reaches his ears,
His ears, like petals on the side of his head,
His head tipping back as tears flow,
As tears flow down each cheek,
Each cheek now pale and bloodless,
Bloodless like the marble statue against which he lies...

There is, in the breaking of an arm,
The sound of spring’s demise.

2014 © Philip Newey