Saturday, November 24, 2012

Give us today our daily blog

For someone slightly anal, like myself, watching the stats for this blog is quite fascinating. I watch as my latest post rockets up the “charts”, to reach the number one spot in only hours. Or I see it languish somewhere below the top ten, wondering what I did wrong with that one. The posts I think may do well fizzle and pop pathetically, while those I dash off in a hurry, because I feel I have to say something, soar like a bird.

And then there are the country stats. Hmmmm, who is that, I wonder, following me here in Switzerland? And Kyrgyzstan? Who would have thought! But “Hi there”, whoever you are.

I have no idea how the visits to my site compare with visits to other people’s sites – and I probably don’t want to know. I can only make within-site comparisons. But even just considering my own site, there is the fear that visits will decline, and that I will have to do something new to attract attention again. If you read my earlier post (“Life is like...”), where I talk about living in a world with only down escalators, I would add this: Not only do they only go down, they constantly pick up speed; which means that it is necessary to actually increase my own speed when going up, just to maintain my current position.

But don’t worry. I don’t need comforting. I am enjoying myself, and I hope you are enjoying reading the stuff I write, however varied its quality. The challenge of coming up with something (slightly) interesting to say, daily if possible, is one that I relish. And thank you for taking the time to visit.

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  1. As a daily blogger myself I go through the same thing. Some days I like what I write, other times I feel like I'm just putting words on paper. Those can be the posts people like the most, which is a little weird to me.