Monday, July 15, 2013

A Personal Update

I confess that I have been neglecting this blog a little of late. Partly this is due to a lack of inspiration. Partly it is because I have been devoting more of my time to pushing some of the social networking further. Twitter has been ticking over quite nicely for me for a while now. Facebook I have always struggled with: I think it is extremely user unfriendly. Nevertheless, I have been working to build my profile and following there. In addition to my main, personal page, I now have pages for both of my published novels, as well as for my business All-read-E. I am slowly accumulating ‘likes’, although quite what the purpose and value of these are continues to elude me. I have also dramatically increased the number of connections I have on LinkedIn. I have also been building a little on Pinterest. For some reason, Goodreads suddenly seems to be building itself.

All of these activities consume an enormous amount of time, and they drag my focus away from writing, whether that be here or in my novels. I have been struggling for inspiration there, too. Whether all of this effort actually serves any useful purpose, I am still unsure.

Quite pleasingly, visits to this blog continue to tick over, partly, I’m sure, because of these efforts in other social networks. It is nice to see people visiting and commenting, and even following.

I am still reading a great deal, and I will be reviewing another self-published book shortly. I am also following with considerable interest the political developments here in Australia, as we approach an election.

So, all in all, I am quite busy. Consider this blog a kind of personal update on my current activities and state of being. In the meantime, I await a moment of inspiration so that I can blog about something other than my very ordinary and rather humdrum existence!

Finally, here are some links to my activities on all these social network sites if you are interested in connecting with me in any of these forums:

Facebook (Maybe they’ll remember me):

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