Tuesday, November 20, 2018

A question to Amazon

As well as an editor, I am an independent author in Australia, and I have been using Amazon KDP (and previously Createspace) to publish my paperback books for some years. I have also assisted other Australian authors to do so. Since 1 July 2018, changes to Australian law regarding GST have led Amazon to make the decision to no longer ship proof copies and author copies to Australia. Instead, I, as an author, am directed to buy print copies from the http://amazon.com.au retail page. This means paying (for instance) AU$18.33 plus shipping for a copy of my own book, rather than US$3.68 plus shipping as it would have been. This is a HUGE cost increase and makes purchasing copies for resale locally no longer viable.

I would love to hear from other authors, particularly in Australia, but elsewhere too if a similar situation pertains.

Amazon is a large, technologically advanced company, and my question to them is: When will Amazon resume shipments of proofs and author copies to Australia, including handling of the required GST payment?


  1. Phillip, I've just met you on LinkedIn and am catching up on your path. I have done my books thru CreateSpace, then KDP as well, and am glad I can get my books much cheaper. I feel for you. I think Amazon with their reach should give more consideration to authors in something like this. A friend just published a book in the UK, but can't afford to have them shipped to the States at a rate where he can turn around and sell them at an acceptable price to the public. Hope Amazon reads this.

  2. I am happy to report that Amazon has now resumed delivery of proofs/author copies to Australia at wholesale prices.