Monday, January 7, 2013

All-read-E: A Shameless Self-Promotion

Today is the day. Today I have launched my new online business, All-read-E. I am now offering manuscript assessment, copy editing and proofreading at what I hope are affordable prices, particularly for self-publishing and independent authors. I have tried to set the prices at rates that people can afford, but which will also allow me to make enough to live on. Those who have been reading my blogs will know that I have been reading and reviewing self-published books. Many times I find them full of basic grammatical and spelling errors. Others need work at a slightly higher level, in that sentences, paragraphs and even chapters are not well organised. Finally, for some writers, the plot and character development needs considerable work. Many of these books have already (apparently) been subjected to editing and proofreading. If this is so, I can only say that they have failed terribly at their job. I can do a better job than that, and for considerably less money.

What I am offering with All-read-E are services that I would like to be able to access myself. I have recently submitted a manuscript to someone else for an assessment. They have charged me AUD 430 for this service, for a manuscript of 51,393 words. I would charge approximately AUD 231 for the same service. Furthermore, I submitted my manuscript for assessment in October last year, and it is likely to be another two months before I hear back. I guarantee a much faster response time than this.

This is a blatantly self-promotional post. I want people to use my services. But I am also offering a very good deal for you, if you are in need of services like this. So please check out my new web page, detailing the services that I offer, and the pricing regime.

Helping you to become the great writer you already are

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