Thursday, January 31, 2013

Doohickeys or Doodads?

We are looking into having solar panels installed on the roof. A great idea in principle. But, now we have to make a choice. I am not so good at this whole choice thing. Making decisions gives me a headache.

Here’s how it goes: Company A tells me that the best option is a doohickey and a whatchama (with a 10 year warranty). Ok. Duly noted. Company B tells me that doohickeys are fine, but somethinorothers are better; and that whatchamas are to be avoided at all costs. They recommend thingummies (but they only come with a 5 year warranty). Ok, gotcha. Company C prefers doodads and splotchetts (with an impressive 25 year warranty). I’m tempted to go for the somethinorother and the splochetts, except that none of the companies provide that combination.

It’s all too difficult. So, in the end, it comes down to this... You see, the rep from Company A... well, his eyes were too close together. The rep from Company C picked his nose when he thought we weren’t looking. On the other hand, the rep from Company B was clever enough not to reveal any of his unpleasant habits or idiosyncrasies during the hour for which he placed himself at our disposal.

So it looks as though it will be somethinorothers and thingummies. Gee, I’m much better at weighing the evidence than I thought.

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  1. What about the ones who 'um' and 'err'? They put me off