Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Give me back my dumbphone

Well, I’ve had my smartphone now for over two years, and I remain completely unconverted. It remains an expensive piece of not very much, which sits beside me on the desk, or is tucked away in my back pocket when I am out.

Since I moved into rental accommodation I decided not to have a land line (except for the internet), so my smartphone is now my only phone, and it occasionally gets used as such. For the rest, I have texted occasionally; a few times I have used it to browse the internet, because I was too lazy to walk over to the computer, which is rarely more than a few feet away; I have used it to do my banking, which, again, I could have easily done on the computer. So a few times it has saved me the terrible effort of having to stand up from the couch and walk the four or five feet to my desk. For this privilege I pay how much a month?

As for the rest of the wonderful things people apparently do with their phones... Clearly none of them interest me. I have tried a few apps. They invariably sit there unused, taking up unneeded space on my hard drive.

Obviously I don’t live in the same world as those people who (apparently) consider their smartphone an invaluable asset, something that has changed their lives, and something they could not manage without.

When I buy a new phone I would happily replace it with a dumb one. Except that’s probably not even possible anymore.

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