Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Boston Bombing

I don’t like writing a blog on days like this, following a tragedy like the bombings in Boston yesterday. Everything I write, everything I do feels somehow trivial. But my deepest sympathy goes out to all those who were in Boston yesterday, to those who were killed or injured in the blasts, and to their families and friends. In addition to the individuals injured, there is also the injury to what an event like the Boston marathon represents. It is a symbol of the human spirit, ever determined to meet challenges. There are also the many charitable and community events associated with it.

What happens next is so very important. I wish those with the responsibility of identifying the perpetrators every success. It is vital that they do their job thoroughly. Above all I urge them and all of us to avoid pointing the finger at nebulous organisations as the perpetrators. This can be used so easily to justify any kind of retaliatory action, anytime, anywhere. We all know that this has happened in the past. Specific people, with specific names organised and carried out this attack. If the bombers died, no doubt many of the organisers still live. It is important that these precise people be identified and brought to justice. Only then can justice, real justice, be done, and be seen to be done.

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