Monday, April 29, 2013

OK. Here goes: Gun Control

It’s good to know that something like the The Daily Show with Jon Stewart exists in the US. It is so good to have someone challenging the status quo, presenting the counter argument. The United States is a paradox embodied. Consider this recent piece on Stewart’s show about gun control. It is, first of all, fantastic that such a piece can be made. Secondly, I celebrate the fact that in the US even the arsehole from the gun lobby has the right to be heard. (I’m not at all biased, by the way.). After all, without such freedom of speech, how would he have been given enough rope to hang himself? If I were a member of the gun lobby, I would be thinking about getting something done about that pesky First Amendment. After all, one wouldn’t want it endangering the Second Amendment!

Of course, the other side of the paradox is that the same society creates and fosters people like this Philip van Cleave (the gun lobby spokesperson in this video). I’ve no doubt that these people would be prepared to take up (their many) arms to defend the right to take up (their many) arms. I wonder how far such people would go. Hmmm. (I haven’t hmmmed here for some time.) I wonder, would they be prepared to undertake terrorist activities to protect their “rights”? Fortunately, it seems they won’t have to, because the United States Senate does not have the courage and the moral rectitude to pass even the most moderate gun control legislation. I can understand why senators would not wish to pass such important (if controversial) legislation... So that they can remain in power to not pass other important (if controversial) legislation.

By the way, if I were living in the United States of America, I would be far more afraid of “my fellow Americans” than of any external terrorist threat.

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