Thursday, March 21, 2013

Striking a Chord (Sometimes)

Every so often I find myself blogging about blogging. My blogging is an entirely selfish activity. I write what I want to write about anything that I feel like addressing at the time. Some of these really strike a chord with people, and when I post a link to them via one or other of the appropriate Reddit forums they take off like a rocket. I don’t try to be controversial, although I sometimes do try to address issues that we don’t like to face. Of course I have my own particular biases and bandwagons; but part of the point of this blog is to be open about those. I don’t try to be politically correct; I don’t try not to be either. As much as anything, this is my thinking room. Writing things down helps to clarify my own thoughts on a particular issue. I know that some of the things I say are of very little interest to anyone: these receive very few visits, and that is fine. I am not aiming at a particular market, although if I do write something that I think will appeal to a particular market, then I do launch it in that direction as much as possible.

Although occasionally I do write a post that takes off, I do not acquire a huge regular following as a result. A really popular post can be followed the next day by one that almost no one reads (like this one, for instance). Perhaps this is because the subjects I address are so variable. Sometimes what I write is intensely personal; sometimes I write about writing; sometimes I touch on broader philosophical or political issues; sometimes I touch on a very topical issue. Because there is no particular theme at work here, I cannot expect a dedicated following. What I write one day might interest you, but what I write the next probably will not. Nor do I particularly want a following. That starts to get a bit weird, doesn’t it? Of course this would pander to my ego. But I know, first of all, that any such popularity would not last; and, secondly, that it would be silly, as all such “celebrity” is ultimately silly. You only have to look at the number of people who are famous just for being famous to recognize that.

Having said this, I am, of course, quite pleased when something I have to say strikes a chord with other people. Perhaps I am not so weird and alone as I sometimes feel.

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