Wednesday, March 27, 2013

What annoys me is...

Ten things that annoy me, in no particular order and for no particular reason:

1.      People who say “absolutely” when they mean “yes”.
2.      Beer bottle caps that don’t twist off in your hand.
3.      TV commercials.
4.      People (and you know who you are) who say “the fact of the matter is…”
5.      Creationists.
6.      Dogs that look like rodents.
7.      “Reality” TV.
8.      People who spell “Michael” “Micheal”.
9.      My nostril hairs.
10.    People who make lists
11.    People who can’t count.

Ok, so I have not been having such a good day today. But here are ten things I like:

1.      People who laugh.
2.      People who make me laugh.
3.      Chocolate.
4.      A beautiful turn of phrase.
5.      The smell of onions frying.
6.      A great melody.
7.      The name “Caitlin”.
8.      The sound of rain on the roof.
9.      Arriving somewhere new.
10.    Jan.

See you tomorrow.

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